Vac Truck

For­get spend­ing hours break­ing your back dig­ging holes for your foot­ings, post holes, plumb­ing or what­ev­er may need it. Our vac­u­um exca­va­tion unit (we like to call it the Vac Truck) will make your life so much eas­i­er. The Vac, truck is quick, easy and non-inva­sive to dig. Holes or trench­es dug in min­utes, not hours.

The Vac Truck uses high-pres­sure water to pow­er through even the hard­est of earth. It is Paired with a suc­tion pipe to pull all the excess dirt from the hole as soon as it’s been loos­ened, the Vac Truck makes for effort­less dig­ging with­out the mess. 

Using water to dig holes means there’s no risk of dam­ag­ing any under­ground ser­vices that may be hid­ing exact­ly where you want your hole. No one wants to stab their shov­el through a sew­er­age pipe!

Call the team for rates and avail­abil­i­ty for Vac Truck hire for your next trench­ing job — your back will thank you!