Complete Fencing offer a range of products to take the stress out of residential, commercial and industrial building and landscaping. We sell an extensive variety of fences and gates, which we are also happy to install, in conjunction with offering temporary fence, bobcat and tipper truck hire.

Fencing & Gate Sales

After many years of fencing experience, Complete Fencing understands the importance of having the right type of fence and gate installed for your home or business. We supply high quality, reasonably priced fences and gates in a range of materials such as steel, wood and mesh. Our business also offers electronic security gates for protection and convenience.

Along with being able to sell you the right fence and gate for your home or business, we can also install it for you, making sure the job is done professionally.

Temporary Fence Hire

Whether you require a temporary fence for commercial, industrial or residential building or renovations, we can supply all of your fencing demands.

We also offer temporary fence hire for events including; concerts, carnivals, markets and regional shows, your options are endless.

Our business caters for small and large-scale projects, with fences suitable to fit a range of specifications.

Contact us for a competitive quote and advice on the type of fencing that is appropriate for your project.

Bobcat & Tipper Truck Hire

We can happily supply you with tipper truck and bobcat hire for all of your residential, commercial and industrial building and renovation plans.

Our contractors are experienced and versatile, being able to competently manage small and large-scale projects. They are also fully accredited with Workplace Health and Safety.

We offer Bobcat and Tipper hire with or without contractors, depending on your requirements. Whether you are after short or long-term hire, we can supply the equipment and the manpower for your needs.

Bobcats and Tipper Trucks are suitable for a range of tasks including:

- All types of excavations such as slab preparation, rock walls and beds, driveways cut or levelled.

- Levelling and cleaning up of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

- Removal of stumps and vegetation, soil and rocks, under turf preparation.

- Spreading materials such as mulch, road base and topsoil.

Manufacture Steel Drop-side Trays/Rear Ladder Racks

Because of our background in fencing, we understand the importance of having strong and durable equipment that can handle heavy-duty wear and tear over time.

Whatever specifications you require for your steel drop side-tray, we can incorporate them into the design. Our drop side-trays are reinforced and fully welded. We also supply full colour matching so that your tray complements your cab perfectly. In conjunction with steel drop-side trays we also manufacture rear ladder racks for troop carriers

Contact us for a quote to design and fabricate a drop- side tray or ladder rack for you, we offer high quality at a competitive price.